Store Run by Former Foster Youth

All Profits WiLL Be Used to Support Foster and Adoptive families

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If all that WMR is had to summed up in one word, that word would be support. All facets of my child's needs are supported, be it emotional, educational, or behavioral. The monthly support groups are a must for the parents and the kids! It is so amazing to see my son grow and learn about his journey to forever. For my husband and I, the opportunity to engage with other parents and talk about the issues so unique to raising a child born to another woman is empowering and uplifting every month

Ashley Gomez Adoptive Parent 

I absolutely love that there is a store run by former foster youth with the purpose of supporting foster youth. Doesn't get much better than that.

M. White

I purchased the hat. It was very well made and to know that I am helping others while getting myself some amazing merchandise is a great feeling.

Former Foster Youth

Former Foster Youth

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